What do other people think of me?

I have been working for Nokia for around 18 years, so most of my recommendations are from Nokia. The recommendation are not mainly from direct colleagues, but also from my immediate managers, VP's and other people that I have worked directly with.

Dirk Didascalou, CVP Technology & Research (Microsoft) / SVP Mobile Phones R&D (Nokia) (2012-2014)
“Christian has a great mind and ALWAYS puts the consumer and the user experience at the forefront. He is a true innovator and had a significant impact on his co-workers, bosses and the organization as a whole."
October 13, 2014

Mauri Ukonmaanaho, Vice President, MP Product Development, Microsoft/Nokia Beijing
“I have known Christian for two years, he worked in my Innovation team during my time in Mobile Phones RnD. Christian is a very talented expert with broad knowledge, he has been the driving force for our new innovations in the field of UX and customer experiences. His style is very cooperative, giving him a good capability to work with versatile groups, and at the same time he can be very assertive in his viewpoints, driving the teams into unified goals and direction. I can warmly recommend him to any new challenging role."
September 20, 2014

Xia Zheng, Head, Products Innovation at Nokia, Microsoft/Nokia Beijing
“Christian is truly passionate for innovation by working with others, as he does not innovate in his own silos. He is extremely skillful at IPR creation, over 120 as one person! This is not the only good thing, the more important is that he spends much of his own time to coach junior engineers to create IPRs. This makes him a role model in our organization. His interpersonal skill is good as well. In promoting innovation, we always need to go thru internal bottlenecks, he demonstrated a good skill to work with different opinions. To conclude my endorsement, Christian is a top expert for facilitating product innovation beyond the relatively narrow UX displine.”
October 19, 2012

Yannis Paniaras 潘业思 - Director - Head of Mobile Phones UX Design, Microsoft/Nokia Beijing
“I came to know Christian Kraft through my frequent cooperation with the Product Innovation (PI) team at Nokia Mobile Phones. Since 2011 I have had the opportunity to work together with Christian on a variety of forward design initiatives within Nokia Mobile Phones. Christian has an outstanding curiosity in ideation and synthesizing combinations of ideas into unique product and service propositions, and he is a natural innovator in his domain. He is also a very good collaborator within a team environment and a pleasure to work with.”
December 1, 2013

Lutz Abe, Principal Specialist at Microsoft (Co-worker 2012-2014)
“I worked with Christian during his times in Copenhagen and now in Beijing. He leads by being a mentor and facilitator - providing effective guidance in UX to the innovation projects while also being acknowledged for his supportive attitude that helps junior staff to grow. In ideation work he is quick and sharp in shaping his domain - and beyond the impressive numbers of patents in his own name, his famous "pitching sessions" proved to be an effective and welcome review for colleagues. These sessions speak also volumes about his intercultural skills. It is and was a pleasure to work next to him. Not to forget - looking forward to go diving with him hopefully soon.February 9, 2014 

Liang YuYang (Patrick) (Senior Innovation Manager – Co-worker 2012-2014)
“I am proud work with Christian, due to:
1) Christian is not only an expert to create patent, but also a good driver to drive our organization (1500+ people) to get more patents! Many colleagues got IPR thinking via Christian's help!
2) He is a creative thinking guy so that he lead many innovation projects' concepting creating work. Another important reason is: many of us feel very comfort under his leading. As you know, a comfort/easy environment is so important to an innovation project. Christian is a glue of a team!
3) Christian created lots of Nokia phones' UI/UX design, that's one of the important cornerstone of Nokia phones' success!
Before Christian joined our team, many of our young engineers feel so exciting due to they can work with a guru!
When Christian in our team, we feel proud work with him!” August 4, 2014

Canfeng Chen (David) (Principal Engineer – co-worker 2013-2014)
“I would say CK is the best working mate during my working period with Products Innovation group under Nokia's Mobile Phones R&D. Though I only spent less than half year with CK, I was deeply impressed by CK's innovative and collaborative working style. He is a flexible and easy-going guy, willing to discuss and accept different opinions whenever he has some short breaks during his meetings. What impressed me most is he is a perseverant guy and always looking into the future without limiting eyes into current technologies.” August 5, 2014

Matthew Coyle-Gilchrist (Senior IPR Specialist – worked remotely together 2013-2014)
“I worked with Christian whilst he was at Nokia, where the User Interface Patent Team relied upon him heavily for interfacing with inventors at the Beijing office.
Christian has an extremely strong grasp of practical IPR work and was extremely efficient and effective in processing the large number of inventions that inventors reported to him. Without his hard work we would have struggled to properly support the Beijing site, and his input led directly to a significant number of patent filings.
Christian must also be, in his own right, amongst the few most prolific inventors in Nokia's history.
On a personal level, Christian is a pleasure to work with.” August 1, 2014

Liu Lu (Senior UX Designer – Co-worker 2012-2014)
“Christian is very innovative and professional UX expert in our team. He has hundrents of patents and really active to share his ideas to each projects. He is very nice person and really have great communication with team members.Working with him was very joyful and lucky.” August 1, 2014

Michael McKay, Senior Industrial Design Manager, NOKIA Denmark A/S
“I had the pleasure of managing Christian Kraft through some very exciting years of development at Nokia. Christian was one of the driving forces behind developing a new cross functional innovation process. Christian has a strong, broad knowledge base around UI and User Experience design. Christian is creative and very productive when it comes to concept making. He holds many patents and has an incredible ability to develop and sketch concepts all the time. I can highly recommend Christian as a member of any concept creation team, both as a concept maker and a project leader.”
December 15, 2009

Erik Anderson, Head of User Experience, Nokia Devices, Nokia
Erik Anderson is now Vice President for Strategy, Business Development, and Portfolio Management at Nokia. “I have worked with Christian over many years at Nokia. Christian is a classic "ideas man," one of the most creative at the company, with many innovations and patents to his name. I can endorse Christian for any similar challenge in or out of the telecom industry where creativity and innovation are required.
January 15, 2010

Lars Bergmann, Director, S40 Planning & Mgmt, Nokia Mobile Phones
“I would like to give my warmest recommendations concerning Christian's unique talent in the area of user interface design and innovation. During his time in Nokia, Christian has by far been the most productive person when it comes to UI innovations and IPRs and his long experience and fantastic ability to understand end user needs has contributed during the years to several Nokia phones user friendliness”
December 11, 2010

Lone Tram Middleton, Director, Entry Product Group – Entry BU, Denmark, Nokia
“Christian has got one of those wonderfully creative brains that keep coming with interesting ideas and innovations – his list of patents speak for it selves. He has the ability to turn consumer insight into tangible usable consumer solutions and he is the most skilled User Interface person I have ever worked with. He has high energy level and is always a pleasure to work with. I can highly recommend Christian.”
March 23, 2010

Pia Breum Corlin, User Experience Design Specialist, Nokia
“Christian has unique skills when talking about being innovative. His open mind and positive way of seeing things makes him the perfect innovator, he sees opportunities in even the smallest idea and he has the skills to take it further to something you have not seen before. With text and small drawings/animations he visualize the ideas so that they are understandable for everybody and it is done fast. Christian has many years of experience in the area of user experience design and he is not afraid of learning new skills, I have seen him grow with the skill of visualize his ideas through videos, and I must say that I'm impressed about his drive and passion for his work. I have worked together with Christian for almost 4 years, the last two years in the same team, where he has been like a mentor for me on both the daily work but also when talking long-term carrier opportunities he has been the person I always could go to for a chat and he always had time no matter how busy he were.”
December 11, 2010

Joakim Christoffersson, industrial designer, Nokia
“I worked side by side with Christian for three years and he continuously impressed me with great problem solving skills and out of the box thinking. Christian possesses a good ability to very rapidly being able to explain an idea in a short and precise manner that people easily understands. On top if these great skills Christian is also a fantastic person to work together with and always puts a smile on his colleague’s lips.”

December 9, 2010

Mikkel Mørup, Director, Innovation & New Solutions, Devices, Nokia
“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Christian for about four years. He is an extremely innovative and productive UX and UI designer with a rare ability to do rapid prototyping, user tests, and IPR. He has strong communication skill and is a great team player. Christian has my highest recommendations.”
December 9, 2010

Panu Korhonen, Chief UI Designer, Nokia  
“Christian is the most productive inventor that I've ever seen. Just search for his name in the patent databases... This is a proof of his innovativeness, persistence, and attention to detail. He truly understands user interfaces and has an extensive understanding of telecom technologies. This combination makes him a valuable asset for any organization.”
December 15, 2009

Jim Finley, UI Product and UI Marketing Manager, Nokia  
“Christian is one of the most enthusiastic, tireless, and passionate people I've had the pleasure to work with! Not only does he have a bottomless well of innovative ideas, he never forgets the most important aspect in his work... the end user. He's a great thinker and creator of ideas, and I certainly hope our paths cross again in the future, both professionally and personally!”
January 11, 2010

Harri Kiljander, Director User Experience Design, Maemo Devices, Nokia.
“Christian worked in my UI Platform Team in the Nokia User Interaction Group in 1999-2000. I had worked with him before heading this team and I have also worked with him after our organizational paths diverged. Christian is a highly energetic and passionate product creation professional with a seemingly endless supply of creative ideas how to improve the product user experience, either through better design or through incorporating novel user experience technology solutions. It has always been fun to work with Christian due to his "can do" attitude and witty sense of humour. Christian also has a long list of patents and I recall I'm a co-inventor in some of those.”
December 15, 2009

Lene Leth-Rasmussen, Former Nokia, now CEO and Principal UX Specialist at Loop-UX, who I worked for as freelancer 2010-2011.
"Christian is THE most innovative person I have ever work with!"
. February 2011.

Anand Narang, former former Global Category Marketing Director Nokia, now VP Marketing at Bata India Limited.
"Every time, you would give a consumer challenge to Christian, his eyes would twinkle like a kid's, happy, excited and raring to go. I always found Christian to be proactive to travel to meet real consumers and come out with insightful observations & solutions that would go beyond consumer's needs and be world-class innovations. His soft-spoken nature, intense discussion-style, leadership qualities and out-of-box thinking will be an asset to any organization.” March 2011

Andrea Finke-Anlauff, CEO, Mango Design (business partner).
Mango Design has worked for Nokia for many years, and I have been working closely with Andrea several times in this context. http://www.mango-design.de/.
“I had the pleasure to work with and for Christian in several UI concepting projects in the past decade. He is very inspiring, well organized, asks good & challenging questions and always had clever & constructive answers to my ones.”
October 22, 2007

Peter Halkjaer, Senior IPR Manager, Nokia
“I have worked with Christian over many years at Nokia. Christian is a true innovator, and he has well developed skills looking into what becomes cool in the future - and this is well documented in his track record of IPR filings. I can endorse Christian as he is very enthusiastic and energizing about innovation”.
December 9, 2010.

Johanna Jarnstrom, Manager, Nokia  
“Christian Kraft is an exceptionally creative thinker. He always finds a multitude of solutions in situations, where others may start to fail to see any. Christian is passionate about the usability and innovation in the user experience design. He works with high energy level and dedication. Christian is really a pleasant person to work with.”
December 16, 2010

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