A bit about my background

 I have worked more than 25 years in the in different industries, with focus on UX product management, user experience, innovation and user interface design. If you want to right away see my CV/Resume in PDF, then click here. Otherwise you can read a brief introduction below the images showing a short version of my life.



I have been designing or co-designing some of the most successful user interface concepts used today in Nokia devices (S40, S30 and S60), I have designed ground-breaking functionality and I have designed or pushed for small improvements to mobile devices. I have worked in several innovation teams, but previously I have also worked in product planning and feature roadmapping.

Currently I work and based in South East Asia, but before that I also managed write and publish my book called "User Exerience Innovation", see more from here.

In my 22 years with Nokia I became famous and respected for my width and depth within the user experience area and around innovation, and you can hardly find anyone from Nokia who does not know my name - just have a look at my recommendations..

My main achievements have probably been achieved through my intuition for what will work and what the users want, and by always being on the forefront of new movements in the industry.

I was appointed as the absolute top inventor for the preiod 2000-2010 in Nokia. I have more than 120 filed patents and more than 50 granted patents.

I have worked in multicultural and cross-functional teams for many years, and I truly enjoy the innovation that this can bring. As well as I enjoy the things I learn myself in such teams.

I am basically a humble and self-insightful person from Denmark. I speak a number of languages including German, English and Scandinavian (Danish). I know my strengths, but I also know my limitations.

Despite my 100+ patents, my goal has never been to create patents. My goal has always been to create great user experiences for the end users. And to create great applications that customers love.

I am very much a team player but expect that I say my opinion. And I respect and expect that my team members do the same. 

I have done a lot of coaching and mentoring during my time with Nokia, and this part I absolutely enjoy.

On the personal front I am a passionate and active person who enjoys scuba diving, skiing, modern art, painting, and not least travelling and meeting new cultures. I love a good joke and a good laugh, and I have no problem being the center of a good laugh. I enjoy being with my friends and I like spending relaxing time in my summer cottage.

If you wish to print out my résumé and portfolio, I have placed a PDF version of these on this link.