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I am currently looking for new opportunities - small or big - and basically anywhere in the world.

With 24 years of experience and with my designs being used by millions and in some cases  billions of customers, I excel in translating user needs and marketing requirements into highly usable, enjoyable and innovative UX solutions.

I am not a visual designer, and even though I know how to guide and lead visual designers, and also being an excellent interaction designer, my key capability lies within seeing problems and understanding requirements that most people do not see - and not least turning these into great, lovable and innovative solutions.

I am in other words an easy-going, T-shaped but also highly focused and passionate UX expert and leader.

Preview of my book

The title of my book is “User Experience Innovation” and it describes 17 tangible methods how to create user experience innovation. All deeply founded in user insights and needs, but I am applying it to not only devices, but also software systems, web pages, cars etc. These methods may also help you create patents, but for me this is secondary - putting a smile on the face of the users is what drives me personally.

The book covers a number of ways to create great user experience innovation, using pain-points, paradoxes, core user tasks, technologies, first impression, positive surprises and a number of other elements which can provide inspiration for innovation. For a sneak-preview of what the book covers, you can follow this link.

Preview of my book

I am now also co-authoring the book called "Mad Men of Mobile" where Danielle Newnham has interviewed 13 original entrepeneurs and inventors in the mobile industry - including me.

For a link to this new book please follow this link or read the extract here .

Preview of my book