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For me, User Experience is about translating consumer and market needs into tangible solutions - and not least getting these solutions into lovable products.
User Experience is hence much more than "only" visual design or interaction design - UX is in fact what the words say: the overall experience that the user gets from your product when using it.
And this is in fact my core strength: I can understand both potential and known needs and requirements and I can translate these into great solutions that users will love.
Therefore I call myself a "UX Product Manager" - because I understand both market and user needs as well as I with my creative mind can translate these into solutions - and I can also drive the teams involved to get the solutions into a great product.
I have been working with UX for 25 years, originally as a SW developer, later as a product manager, SW chief, interaction designer, UX chief, product planner, inventor, innovator, author, influencer, stragegist etc.
It may sound confusing, but it is not: I have in my entire career been focused on only one thing: Delivering great solutions to the users! And to do that you need both to be able to go very deep and to see the bigger picture.

Preview of my book

I am currently working with a great start-up company but I am always open for new opportunities, small or big, and basically anywhere in the world

A bit about my books

The title of first book is “User Experience Innovation” and it describes 17 tangible methods how to create user experience innovation. All deeply founded in user insights and needs, and I apply this to devices, software systems, web pages, cars etc. These methods may also help you create patents, but for me this is secondary - putting a smile on the face of the users is what drives me personally.

For a sneak-preview of what the book covers, you can follow this link.

Preview of my book

I also co-authored the book called "Mad Men of Mobile" where Danielle Newnham has interviewed 13 original entrepeneurs and inventors in the mobile industry - including me.

For a link to this new book please follow this link or read the extract here.

Preview of my book